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Hydroponics Gardening

Every hydroponics expert who grows flowers has access to the compounds and resources that they need to see the biggest flowers and best yields. Sadly, most growers don’t take advantage of the numerous organic flowering boosters that can stimulate their plants. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the top organic flowering boosters to use in your nutrient solution to obtain professional results!

Guano – Bat guano is one of the most potent organic fertilizers and flowering boosters used in modern hydroponic gardens. However, if you really want the full flowering booster effects of guano, you should check to make sure where you get your guano. The guano that comes from insect eating plants is very rich in nitrogen which can be helpful to your plant but won’t give as much of an increase in flower size as the guano that comes from fruit eating bats. The guano that comes form fruit eating bats is much richer in phosphorus which is much more essential to creating those huge buds that lead to massive blooms.

Kelp Extract – Kelp based extracts can help during any stage of growth but they have extra importance as a flowering booster. Since kelp is forced to grow in some of the most tumultuous and extreme conditions found anywhere, it produces powerful hormones and vitamins that make it grow at a rate that is unheard of for plants. The hormones and vitamins in kelp can be distilled into a form that you can add to your hydroponic nutrient solution. This totally organic flowering booster has been shown to have incredible effects on hydroponically grown plants.

B Vitamins – You should find a good, solid source of organic B vitamins. While your plants can benefit from an assortment of vitamins and minerals, B vitamins have the most potential to give you the flowers that you are seeking. These flowering boosters can increase metabolism, increase cell division and help create the kind of buds that lead to massive blooms.

Humates – Of course, all of the extra fertilizers and vitamins in the world won’t help your plants if you can’t make them available to your roots. The absolute best way to do this is by adding humates, which include humic and fulvic acid, to your nutrient solutions. These will do several powerful things for your roots. They will help make them thicker and larger, which will increase their ability to soak up nutrients. They will also make them more permeable, which means that more of the nutrient solution will be useful for your plant. All of the extra nutrients that the humates will give your plants will inevitably lead to larger, heavier blooms.

To make this easier, many hydroponic supply companies create organic flowering boosters that have all of these elements in a single product.

In order to get the most benefit form you flowering booster, you should use as a foliar spray during the flowering stage of growth. You should also educate yourself on the best ways to use flowering boosters, both on your leaves and on your foliage.


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